• How to Record DVD to PC

    Streamingstar Video Capture is quite good at recording from DVD. The steps below show you how to do it:

    1. Insert the DVD into your PC, and play it using Windows Media Player or other DVD players.

  • Except for output MP4, can Streamingstar Video Capture record video to other video formats?

    Sorry, it’s not available at present. If other formats are needed, we highly recommend Streamingstar Converter which can convert MP4 to all video/audio formats with highest quality, such as AVI, MOV, AC3, MP4, WMV…

  • Button functions Guidance of Streamingstar Video Capture

    Screenshot of Streamingstar Video Capture

  • Can Streamingstar Video Capture record sound?

    Yes, it will capture sound via both your microphone and PC.

    The sound capture can be done with a microphone of the computer and the sound playing on the computer can be recorded.

  • Can Streamingstar Video Capture record a game from my PC?

    Of course YES, Streamingstar Video Capture suffices for capturing all movement on a regular Windows desktop. 3D full screen games run seperately from the regular Windows Desktop, so attempting to use Streamingstar Video Capture for 3D capture may not have desirable outcomes.

  • Can I record from cameras with Streamingstar Video Capture?

    Yes, Streamingstar Video Capture can record camera. However, it takes only one device input so multiple cameras record is not available.

  • How to make expert software video tutorial or PPT video tutorial?

    Professional screen recorder Streamingstar Video Capture deals with tutorial video of software, PPT quite well. It can easily capture operating procedures as recording voice of narration to high quality video files.

  • How can I download stream videos with RTMP protocol?

    RTMP is now available as an open specification to create products and technology that enable delivery of video, audio, and data in the open AMF, SWF, FLV, and F4V formats.

    Online flash videos on BBC offering world news, information and ideas are streaming over RTMP protocol (Real Time Messaging Protocol). If you desire to save a video from BBC website, you’ll have to use a RTMP downloader - Streamingstar Video Downloader to grab the download URL from BBC and then save the stream video to your PC.

  • How to download online streaming video

    Many websites like Facebook, Metacafe, Vimeo, Break, Liveleak, Soundclick, Hypem use a Flash Video format that enables highly-compressed stream video to effectively and fluently play in most browsers. However, that type of stream video is not easy to be downloaded online only if enlist the help from powerful video downloader, for example, Streamingstar Video Downloader.

  • How to convert the stream files to wmv?

    The downloaded stream files from the Internet are in many different formats. And if you meet some unfamiliar ones that are not compatible with your 3G phone, MP3, PSP, iPad, iTouch and other portable devices.