• HiDownload(Platinum Version)

    All-in-one stream downloader and sniffer, download streaming video and audio
  • Flv Recorder

    Flv Recorder - the best Flv video recorder that can record flv video and audio streaming through HTTP and RTMP protocol with build-in Free Flv Player.
  • URL Helper

    URL Helper provide a one-step solution to finding the URLs for all streams through searching files and watching network traffic and identifying potential urls.
  • Streamingstar Video Capture

    Streamingstar Video Capture is for all web streaming video and screen actions capturing and recording.
  • Streamingstar Video Downloader

    Download streaming video and audio files from all popular websites, support rtmp and http streaming media protocols.
  • URL Helper 3.2

    Capture rtmp stream address.

    Add "Media Files" category list

  • URL Helper 3.31

    *Capture more information for live rtmp stream(justin.tv, ...), please download the rtmp URL by HiDownload 7.52 or higher.

    *Remove the reduplicate URL from media files list

  • Jun 23, 2009 released FlvRecorder 3.6

    * Improved on recording rtmp streaming video and audio

  • Jun 28, 2009 released FlvRecorder 3.61

    * Improved on recording http streaming video and audio

  • HiDownload Platinum Version 7.01 (July 31, 2007)

    *Add Streaming Checker, help you check the streaming media URL's information, and download clip of range

    *Update language file

    *Includes all latest bug fixes