• HiDownload(Platinum Version)

    All-in-one stream downloader and sniffer, download streaming video and audio
  • Flv Recorder

    Flv Recorder - the best Flv video recorder that can record flv video and audio streaming through HTTP and RTMP protocol with build-in Free Flv Player.
  • URL Helper

    URL Helper provide a one-step solution to finding the URLs for all streams through searching files and watching network traffic and identifying potential urls.
  • URL Helper 3.2

    Capture rtmp stream address.

    Add "Media Files" category list

  • URL Helper 3.3

    update: capture the domain name instead of ip address

  • HiDownload Platinum Version 8.13 (May 30, 2013)

    Improve build-in sniffer, find more stream video and audio links for downloading.

  • HiDownload Platinum Version 8.2(Mar 7, 2014)

    Fixed some bugs of downloading rtmp stream

    Updated "Flv Filter" for capturing rtmp streaming media address

  • Flv Filter - help easy to get flv download address

    Add the "Flv Filter" feature in HiDownload 7.0 beta 2, you can get flv address, then download it.

    How to use

    1.Run HiDownload, select "Tools -> Flv Filter" menu.

  • How to use FlvRecorder

    1.Download and Install the latest version of FlvRecorder. Then run FlvRecorder.

    2.Click "Start" button, Flv Recorder will detect automatically the available network adapter for monitoring.

  • I can not find any adapter on my Vista computer, how to solve?

    To run Flv Recorder as an administrator: Right-click the icon of Flv Recorder, and then click Run as administrator.

    If you would like to set up Flv Recorder to automatically run it as an administrator, follow these steps: