• HiDownload Platinum

    All-in-one stream downloader and sniffer, download streaming video and audio
  • URL Helper

    URL Helper provide a one-step solution to finding the URLs for all streams through searching files and watching network traffic and identifying potential urls.
  • Streamingstar Video Capture

    Streamingstar Video Capture is for all web streaming video and screen actions capturing and recording.
  • URL Helper 2.2

    * Fix some bugs.

    * Support Multi-Language.

  • URL Helper 2.6

    * Add new function for Searching URL

    * Add Turkish language

  • URL Helper 2.7

    * Add build-in simply downloader

    * Save automatically MySpace.com, Youtube.com and other website's flash video.

    * Support proxy server

  • URL Helper 2.72

    * improve on build-in downloader feature, support record iTune Radio

  • URL Helper 2.8

    * Upgrade the lastest version WinPCap 4.03

    * fixed some bugs

  • URL Helper 2.81

    * Add Spanish Language

    * fixed a bug

  • URL Helper 2.82

    * Download automatically URLs with the specific string

    * Download automatically with HiDownload(6.97 or Higher version)

    * Small Main window