• URL Helper 2.82

    * Download automatically URLs with the specific string

    * Download automatically with HiDownload(6.97 or Higher version)

    * Small Main window

  • URL Helper 2.83

    * fixed a bug about download automatically URLs

  • URL Helper 2.85

    * fixed some bugs

    * Add the Online URLHelper, help you save directly flv files from website, more detail, please visit:www.urlhelper.com

  • URL Helper 2.9

    * Add "Flv Helper"

  • URL Helper 2.91

    * Add Add the "iFilm.com" flash video website in "FLV Helper"

  • URL Helper 3.0

    We have re-written URL Helper 3, and cancel the temp files. We will continue to add the other features of previous version 2.

  • URL Helper 3.01

    improve on some features

  • URL Helper 3.02

    Capture more details of HTTP URL

    Add the menu of "download by HiDownload"

  • URL Helper 3.03

    fixed a bug of installation.

  • URL Helper 3.1

    Add "Download automatically by HiDownload" options

    Fixed some bugs